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Aug 9 14

Performance at UNM in Malmö

by svejohan

A big sized Mimitabu will visit Malmö for a concert with music by young nordic composers at the annual ambulating festival UNM, now visiting Sweden.

30 August, 14:30 at Inter Arts Center in Malmö
Free admission!

May 18 14

Johan Svensson’s debut

by svejohan

Mimitabu performing music by Johan Svensson on his debut concert in Oslo, Norway.

3 June 20:30
Levinsalen, Norges musikkhøgskole in Oslo

Rita cirklar
diamond dust
Composition for halldorophone and DIMI-A (video version)
ampèrian loops, part I

Mar 12 14

SPOR festival

by svejohan

Performace at SPOR festival in Aarhus, Denmark. Pieces by Ylva Lund Bergner, Jonathan Marmor, Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki and Harris Wulfson.

8 May, 20:00 in Aarhus

Feb 8 14

Scandinavian Weather Report

by svejohan

The nordic tour continues! Now in Denmark with slightly different program.

13 April, 20:00: Musikhuset Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark (AUT)

14 April, 20:00: Koncertkirken Blågardsplads, Copenhagen, Denmark (AUT)

Lina Järnegard – Kylan, plötslig
Martin Rane Bauck – Wie tau von dem frühgras
Johan Svensson – Ampèrian loops, part 1
Rune Glerup – Quartettsatz
Kaj Duncan David – Replacement 1
Allan Gravgard Madsen – Schattentanz

Nov 7 13

Scandinavian Weather Report

by svejohan

The tour with music by scandinavian composers continues!

11 November, 19:00: Gävle Teater, Gävle, Sweden (IDKA)

13 November, 18:00: Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo, Norway (NMK)

15 November, 22:00: Konserthuset, Göteborg, Sweden (Levande musik/GEIGER)

Rune Glerup – Quartettsatz
Lina Järnegard – Kylan, plötslig *
Martin Rane Bauck – Wie tau von dem frühgras *
Johan Svensson – Ampèrian loops, part I *
Stine Sørlie – I II III *
Lars Carlsson – Perception 3

*) Commissions by Mimitabu with support from Kulturrådet.

Scandinavian Weather Report is a project supported by Nordiska kulturfonden and Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse.

Oct 10 13

Magnet 2013

by svejohan

First concert of the tour Scandinavian Weather Report coming up. Mimitabu will perform on the new music festival – Magnet 2013 – in Vara, Sweden.

Vara konserthus, stora salen
14:00, Sunday 20 October

Scandinavian Weather Report
Music by six scandinavian composers of which five are commissions by Mimitabu, with support from Kulturrådet (SE) and Statens kunstfond (DK).

Louis Aguirre – Toque a Aggayú, Ikolé y Shangó (WP)
Rune Glerup – Quartetsatz
Lina Järnegard – New piece (WP)
Martin Rane Bauck – Wie tau von dem frühgras (WP)
Johan Svensson – Ampèrian loops, part I (WP)
Stine Sørlie – I II III (WP)

May 3 13

Concert -Liquids-

by svejohan

Concert with Mimitabu at Academy of music and drama in Gothenburg.

June 12th, 18:00

Rei Munakata – Pouring Etiquette
Lars Carlsson – Still waters run deep
Johan Svensson – diamond dust
Kaija Saariaho – Mirrors
Oliver Bowers – Centre-Piece: Examined & Exposed
Rune Glerup – Sonata in Seven Movements

Free entrance!!

Sep 11 12

Mimitabu on 60 year jubilee

by svejohan

Mimitabu will do a concert on the 60 year jubilee of Levande musik. The concert will contain music of Sven-Eric Johanson, one of the founders of the organization and music by Paula af Malmborg Ward, including several world premieres.

May 2 12

Mimitabu on GAS

by svejohan

Mimitabu will perform music by Lars Carlsson on GAS festival in Gothenburg. Friday 11/5, 20.15 at Nefertiti.

Apr 4 12

Mimitabu to Copenhagen

by svejohan

Mimitabu will play music by the swedish/danish composer Ylva Lund-Bergner on her Debut concert (Diploma concert) in Copenhagen April 26th. The concert will be in The Royal Danish Music Conservatory starting 19.30. Mimitabu will perform the pieces Euphorbia, Pas de Signal [help] and aq-V-le (the two last pieces being premieres).