Two concerts at GAS 2018

2018-10-02 – 2018-10-03
Gothenburg, Sweden

At the first concert at GAS (Gothenburg Art Sounds) festival Mimitabu is part of the concert A Shrinking Emptiness, together with Anders Hultqvist, Stefan Östersjö, Ole Lützow-Holm, Jörgen Dahlqvist, Jakob Riis and Gunnar D Hansson.
“Contemporary music, readings, images, text fragments. A Shrinking Emptiness is as much concert as it is an installation and a lecture. An audiovisual landscape, a temporary room that the listener is welcomed into.”

Atalante, Gothenburg

Tuesday, October 2nd. 19:00

Mimitabu will perform Entropic Pleasures by Anders Hultqvist. More info about the concert.


At the second concert at GAS festival Mimitabu presents a programme of music for ensemble and four channel tape, hexagon screws, square neck screws and hanger bolts, electro-mechanical devices and major sound fetishes in pop-music.

Atalante, Gothenburg

Wednesday, October 3rd. 18:00

Joakim Sandgren – corps étrangers (world premiere*)
Hanna Hartman – THE BOILER ROOM
Johan Svensson – ampèrian loops – part III
Sara Glojnarić – sugarcoating #2

More info about the concert.

* commissioned by Mimitabu with support from Swedish Arts Council

Mimitabu at Kalv festival

2018-08-10, Kalv, Sweden
Mimitabu will give a special late night concert together with Trio Hellqvist/Amaral/Choi at Kalv festival. Music by Klaus Lang and John Cage.

Kalv church, Kalv

Friday, August 10th. 23:00

Klaus Lang – Die Fenster des Universums
Klaus Lang – ägäische eisberge.
John Cage – One4
Klaus Lang – geschrieben in wasser.

Concert in Hagakyrkan

2018-04-15, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mimitabu is visiting Hagakyrkan and performing a concert with a international/European programme, including some of the most exciting contemporary music for clarinet, cello and piano of today!

Clarinet: Heather Roche
Cello: My Hellgren
Piano: Jonas Olsson

Hagakyrkan, Göteborg

Sunday, April 15th. 15:00

Patricia Alessandrini – Trio (d’après Schoenberg)
Carola Bauckholt – Klarinettentrio
Sara Glojnarić – sugarcoating #2
Lina Järnegard – Emellanåt, stundom
Iannis Xenakis – Charisma

Free admission!

Presented by Hagakyrkan with support from the Helge Ax:son Johnson foundation and the Swedish Arts Council.

Visual Sounds

2018-02-24, Gothenburg, Sweden
Darkness, smoke, light, coordinated movements, projections and unusual objects. Music where visual elements make up an important musical parameter is the focus of this evening show, built from works of experimental music. Mimitabu presents a programme with music composed by international and Gothenburg-based composers, with a strong local focus.

All these works share a creative openness regarding what it means being a composer today. No less than three commissioned works will be premiered this evening: by Hanna Hartman, Kajsa Magnarsson and Sebastian Ingvarsson!

Atalante, Övre Husargatan 1, Göteborg

Saturday, February 24th. 19:00

# Concert 1, 19:00
– Sebastian Ingvarsson – Sandpiles [world premiere]
– Johan Svensson – ampèrian loops – part III
– Tine Surel Lange – DANCEHALL RAM
– Simon Steen-Andersen – Study for String Instrument #1

# Concert 2, 20:00
– Hanna Hartman – THE BOILER ROOM [world premiere]
– Malin Bång – Alpha Waves
– Tine Surel Lange – Byen

# Concert 3, 21:00
– Rei Munakata – Okaeri II
– Kajsa Magnarsson – Meta-Wheel [world premiere]
– Kaj Duncan David – Sound & Vision

Presented by Mimitabu, with support from the City of Gothenburg, the Helge Ax:son Johnson foundation and the Swedish Arts Council.

Concert at Moonbus club

December 13th, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mimitabu is visiting Moonbus club at KoM musik & bar and presents a repertoire starting from Simon Steen-Andersen’s visual unison, via Carola Bauckholt’s found objects to Esaias Järnegard’s exploration of musical outskirts.

Moonbus club @ KoM musik & bar, Karl Johansgatan 152-156, Gothenburg

Wednesday, December 13th. 19:00

Simon Steen-Andersen – Study for String Instrument #1

Esaias Järnegard – Utmarker (2)

Carola Bauckholt – Geräusche

Mirjam Tally – Birds for company

Lasse Scwanenflugel Piasecki – Duet for one

Sounds of Found Things

May 27-28, Gothenburg, Sweden


Mimitabu brings the latest international trends in contemporary music to Gothenburg! We are hosting a two-day event filled with radical, new music that pushes boundaries and breaks established conventions. Spread over four concerts, we present eleven works by composers who seek to expand the sonic palette of the ensemble in different ways, using unconventional playing techniques, “found objects”, homebuilt or modified instruments and DIY-electronics. The whole event takes place at Cinnober in Gothenburg, Saturday and Sunday May 27-28, and admission is only 100/80 SEK for the whole lot.

Cinnober, Masthuggsterrassen 3, Göteborg
Tram stop: Masthuggstorget

Saturday and Sunday, May 27-28

Two-day pass: 100/80 SEK (reduced price for students, seniors, unemployeds, undocumented immigrants)
One-day pass: 80/50 SEK (reduced price for students, seniors, unemployeds, undocumented immigrants)
Please note: limited seats available! Advance booking possible at
You can also buy tickets at the venue (Swish or cash)

Saturday May 27th
# Concert I: 14:00-14:40
KLAUS LANG – die drei felder im schnee und die scharlachrote sonne

Intermission with snacks and drinks (Swish or cash)

# Concert II: 15:00-15:40
RICARDO EIZIRIK – Junkyard piece IIa

Sunday May 28th
# Concert III: 18:00-18:40
CLARA IANNOTTA – Il colore dell’ombra
CAROLA BAUCKHOLT – Doppelbelichtung
SIGURDUR ÁRNI JÓNSSON – With mathematics abstaining

Intermission with snacks and drinks (Swish or cash)

# Concert IV: 19:00-19:40
ROSALI GRANKULL – Skulptera. Kollision. Streck.
LISA STREICH – Sai Ballare?

Presented by Mimitabu, with support from the City of Gothenburg, the Helge Ax:son Johnson foundation and the Swedish Arts Council.

There are parking spaces for disabled visitors available at Masthuggstorget. Lift to Masthuggsterrassen can be found to the right of the Hemköp supermarket at Masthuggstorget. There is level access to the concert venue

Concert at Svensk Musikvår

We are returning to Stockholm with a new, exciting program including a premiere by Esaias Järnegard!

Saturday March 25, 12:00
Stockholms konserthus (Grünewaldsalen)

Esaias Järnegard – Isola   (premiere)
Jenny Hettne – A swarm came in from the dark
Lisa Streich – SAI BALLARE?
Johan Svensson – Rita cirklar

Arr. Svensk musikvår