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Feb 20 17

Concert at Svensk Musikvår

by svejohan

We are returning to Stockholm with a new, exciting program including a premiere by Esaias Järnegard!

Saturday March 25, 12:00
Stockholms konserthus (Grünewaldsalen)

Esaias Järnegard – Isola   (premiere)
Jenny Hettne – A swarm came in from the dark
Lisa Streich – SAI BALLARE?
Johan Svensson – Rita cirklar

Arr. Svensk musikvår

Dec 4 16

Alternative Christmas Concert

by svejohan

Already tire of Elvis, Wham and Bing Crosby? Or maybe you just need an alternative to Chris Rea, Band Aid and Slade? Then we recommend you to pay a visit our alternative Christmas concert! Their will be video projections, tones and sounds from the following composers:

Friday December 16, 19:00
Atalante, Gothenburg

Lina Järnegard – Kylan, plötslig
Maria Misael Gauchat – Le cinquieme element
Fredrik Gran – Vox Terminus
Kristine Tjøgersen – Glam
Johan Svensson – Rita cirklar
Tony Blomdahl – Anti Focus

Arr. Atalante.

Jul 15 16

Entering a new season

by svejohan

We are very excited about season 16/17 which will contain several big projects. In the fall we will make two performances at the festival Sound of Stockholm and in spring 17 we will start our own mini-festival in Gothenburg! Here are two events taking place during the fall.

2016-11-09 – 2016-11-10
Sound of Göteborg
Stockholm, Sweden
With two concerts at the the music festival Sound of Stockholm we are presenting a portrait of the new music currently emerging in Gothenburg. Arr. Samtida Musik

Alternative Christmas Concert
Gothenburg, Sweden
Concert at Atalante. Keep an eye on our website for more info and concert program.

More concerts will be added further on, visit our website regularly for updates. 

Apr 20 16

Tactile Sounds

by svejohan

Gothenburg, Sweden
Mimitabu returns to Cinnober. New works by the sound artists LOUISE MAGNUSSON and MAX WAINWRIGHT: Saw blades and relays meet violin, cello and percussion.

Saturday May 7th, 16:00

Cinnober, Gothenburg

JOAKIM SANDGREN – faits saillants

Mimitabu: Karin Hellqvist – violin, My Hellgren – cello, Martin Salomonsson – percussion/objects, Johan Svensson – objects.

Arr. Mimitabu
The concert is realized with support from Göteborg Stads kulturnämnd through Projektstöd Pronto.

Feb 8 16

Double Take! 

by svejohan

Gothenburg, Sweden
We start this year by making a double portrait concert for our house composers Ylva Lund Bergner and Johan Svensson, as part of GEIGER’s febfest at Atalante.

Lund Bergner’s music for ensemble is infiltrated by unusual and prepared instruments such as Indian harmonium, guzheng, zither and household lamps.

Svensson’s work creates a fusion of instruments and acoustic sounding electronics. This concert is a performance of ampèrian loops – part I & II, two pieces for ensemble and electromagnetic devices.

Saturday February 27th, 18:00 (doors open)

Atalante, Gothenburg

18:30 Portrait concert no. 1: Johan Svensson

ampèrian loops – part I (ensemble and electromagnetic devices)

ampèrian loops – part II  (ensemble and electromagnetic devices)

21:00 Portrait concert no. 2: Ylva Lund Bergner

Euphorbia (ensemble and electronics)

Macronectes (prepared piano)

Scotoma (ensemble and lamps)

80/60 kr


Link to Facebook event

Oct 10 15

Premiere Prix!

by svejohan

Gothenburg, Sweden
Solenoids, speakers, transducers and vibrators; our next concert will contain exciting and unexpected combinations of instruments end electronics! Four new pieces by composers Anders Hultqvist, Anna Eriksson, Lars Carlsson and Johan Svensson.

Wednesday October 28th 2015, 19:00

Konserthuset, Gothenburg

Anders Hultqvist – Entropic Pleasures
Anna Eriksson – Timglas
Lars Carlsson – apparatus
Johan Svensson – ampèrian loops – part II


Arr. Levande musik

Link to Facebook event

Sep 2 15

First concert of the Fall

by svejohan

Mimitabu + Klaus Lang and Barbara Konrad

Gothenburg, Sweden
Portrait concert for the Austrian composer Klaus Lang. Mimitabu will perform together with Klaus Lang and Barbara Konrad at Gothenburg’s HSM.

Thursday September 10th 2015, 20:00

Academy of music and drama, Gothenburg

Free entrance!

Link to Facebook event

– Die drei Felder im Schnee und die scharlachrote Sonne
– tehran dust
– music is the key
– viola. harmonium.

Arr. Mimitabu/HSM

Jun 10 15

new season => more concerts

by svejohan

We are now looking forward to new and exciting projects for our 15/16 season! Here are two events taking place in Gothenburg during the fall.

Mimitabu + Klaus Lang
Gothenburg, Sweden
Portrait concert for the Austrian composer Klaus Lang. Mimitabu will perform together with Klaus Lang and Barbara Konrad at Gothenburg’s HSM. Arr. Mimitabu/HSM

Premiere Prix!
Gothenburg, Sweden
A concert of four new pieces by Gothenburg composers: Anders Hultqvist, Anna Eriksson, Lars Carlsson and Johan Svensson. Göteborgs konserthus, Stenhammarsalen. Arr. Levande musik

Feb 1 15

Performance at Kompfest

by svejohan

We continue our collaboration with composer Ylva Lund Bergner! A new piece written for Mimitabu will be premiered at Kompfest 2015 in Malmö, April 18th.

Jan 21 15

Concert at Cinnober, March 24th

by svejohan

Our first concert of 2015, where music is presented by six very interesting composers, three of them from Gothenburg!

Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 20:00
Ticket: 80 kr

Cinnober Teater
Masthuggsterrassen 3

Juliana Hodkinson – Scrape
Esaias Järnegard – Stenar – Aska, aska
Anna Eriksson – Ping and pong
Johan Svensson – diamond dust
Rei Munakata – Pouring Etiquette
Alistair Zaldua – contrejours

The concert is realized with support from Göteborg Stads kulturnämnd through Projektstöd Pronto.