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Sara Svensson


Sara Svensson is an oboist and a musicologist. In love with classical music from an early age, she played flute and percussion, but later on when she was discovering more and more classical repertoire she fell in love with the oboe sound and knew that oboe is the instrument she needs to play!

She was born in Slovenia, where she studied musicology at Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and after studies worked as a researcher at the same institution, which resulted in publication of several scienfitic articles. She studied oboe in Graz (Austria) with Emma Black-Davislim and in Gothenburg (Sweden) with Mårten Larsson. During the studies in Graz she took courses in baroque oboe, where her main professors were Andreas Helm and Amy Power. She was also collaborating with members of ensemble Klangforum Wien and took part in several concerts they arranged with students from the programme PPCM (Performance Practice in Contemporary Music).

She is now based in Gothenburg and active as a freelancer where her main focus in performing is contemporary music. Besides that she enjoys playing in different chambers groups as well as transferring knowledge to younger generations.