Mimitabu wants to expose audiences to a wide spectrum of new (and old) sounds in unexpected and surprising contexts. We actively seek out and collaborate with composers and artists who have a genuine and innovative approach towards sound as artistic material. By exploring the full potential of our acoustic instruments (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion) and also experimenting with electronics and everyday objects, we have an infinitely flexible arrangement of differentiated sound sources available to us. Our hope is to improve the depth and sensitivity of the listening experience, both for our audiences and for ourselves, thereby reinforcing the connections between artist and audience, and ultimately between humans in general.

Rei Munakata – Musical director


Johan Svensson – Artistic director

Hannah Țrnell Wettermark РFlute


Sara Svensson – Oboe

Heather Roche – Clarinet

Martin Salomonsson – Percussion

Jonas Olsson – Piano


Karin Hellqvist – Violin

Emelie Molander – Violin


My Hellgren – Cello