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Mimitabu | Fabric Union | TTCM

by svejohan on October 22nd, 2021

Gothenburg, Sweden
2021-11-06 – 2021-11-07

For two matinées only, three Nordic contemporary music ensembles are coming together in Gothenburg.

The city’s very own Mimitabu hosts two experimental music collectives from Norway and Finland: TTCM and Fabric Union. Together they will present a varied programme of Nordic contemporary music featuring textile scenography, video, live-electronics as well as prerecorded performances of the Bogstad Farm Cows.  

! Please note the different starting times on Saturday and Sunday !

Tickets 150 SEK (100 SEK concessions)
Link for pre-booking

Cinnober, Masthuggsterrassen 3, Göteborg
Tram stop: Masthuggstorget

Saturday, November 06th. 14:00
Sunday, November 07th. 13:00


Fabric Union
Lauri Supponen – Drapery Studies
Liisa Hirsch – Glides*
Matilda Seppälä – Meno *) on Sunday only

– interval 20 min –  

Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir – Cumulus
Martin Rane Bauck – LA VACHE (ou la promenade du bœuf gras)
Martin Hirsti-Kvam – Silent Resistance
Martin Rane Bauck – ghostly light on the tortured face
Martin Hirsti-Kvam – From an Imaginary Landscape
Malin Bång – Purfling

– interval 20 min –

Ylva Lund Bergner – aq-V-le
Gudmundur Steinn – Hotel natura
Kaj Duncan David – Sound & Vision
Kajsa Magnarsson – Meta-Wheel
Johan Svensson – Intermezzo for fluorescent lights and samples  

**The last set with Mimitabu will feature flashing lights with stroboscopes.**

**The performance is wheelchair-accessible.**  

**Refreshment are available for purchase during the two intervals in between the ensembles’ performances.**  

**The concert is repeated at Cinnober in Gothenburg on Sunday 7th November and in Oslo at Kulturkirken Jakob on Tuesday 9th November**


FABRIC UNION is a concert installation by the Helsinki-based Union of Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Joasia Cieslak, Martta Jämsä, Annaroosa Lampela, Maritta Manner, Eero Marttila, Matilda Seppälä & Lauri Supponen. Fabric Union is assemble and performed on, with and inside a textile environment. The interaction of the performer and the fabric is a sonic, a visual and a kinetic happening. As an ensemble, Union seeks to make the working environment and intersubject relationships within the ensemble visible in a performative context.  

TTCM is a collective for experimental music from Oslo, consisting of musicians Jennifer Torrence (percussion), Vilde Sandve Alnæs (violin) and Inga Margrete Aas (double bass), and composers Martin Hirsti-Kvam and Martin Rane Bauck. With works by Hirsti-Kvam, Bauck, Malin Bång (SE) and Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir (IC), TTCM will present a concert that combines live music with prerecorded performances, incl. the Bogstad Farm Cows, John Cage, Morton Feldman, violin makers and a chainsaw.  

With its strong commitment to commissioning and performing the newest contemporary music, the Gothenburg-based ensemble MIMITABU has quickly established itself as an important voice on the Scandinavian new music scene. MIMITABU wants to expose audiences to a wide spectrum of sounds in unexpected and surprising contexts. The ensemble actively seek out and collaborate with composers and artists who have a genuine and innovative approach towards sound as artistic material. By exploring the full potential of the acoustic instruments and also experimenting with electronics and everyday objects, the arrangement of differentiated sound sources available is infinitely flexible.

Supported by:
Nordic Culture Point
Statens Musikverket
Swedish Arts Council
Swedish Society of Composers
Arts Council Norway
City of Oslo
Creo’s remuneration fund
Music Norway
Finnish-Swedish Culture Fund
Finnish-Norwegian Culture Fund

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