The City Composing Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

Write music, a poem, a melody, a text, draw the moment, a collage, the gesture, the idea…

“The City Composing Gothenburg” is a project that gives a chance for everybody to become a music composer thus involving people that are non-musicians in the fascinating music creation process. This project invites citizens of Gothenburg to become active creative participants and contributors to the contemporary music making.

The scores are then collected and arranged by Hara Alonso and Johan Svensson and later on performed in a concert by Mimitabu.

From May to September there will be a digital platform where you can participate by creating a score, sending a score, by email, or in case you prefer to send the scores on paper, by post. Everybody is welcome to participate!

The concert will take place in Hagakyrkan the 18th of September at 19:00.

Thanks a lot to all participants for your creativity!

How to participate?

Special webpage to compose your scores:


The City Composing
Box 197 Nybohovsbacken 45

More info here: