Visual Sounds

2018-02-24, Gothenburg, Sweden
Darkness, smoke, light, coordinated movements, projections and unusual objects. Music where visual elements make up an important musical parameter is the focus of this evening show, built from works of experimental music. Mimitabu presents a programme with music composed by international and Gothenburg-based composers, with a strong local focus.

All these works share a creative openness regarding what it means being a composer today. No less than three commissioned works will be premiered this evening: by Hanna Hartman, Kajsa Magnarsson and Sebastian Ingvarsson!

Atalante, Övre Husargatan 1, Göteborg

Saturday, February 24th. 19:00

# Concert 1, 19:00
– Sebastian Ingvarsson – Sandpiles [world premiere]
– Johan Svensson – ampèrian loops – part III
– Tine Surel Lange – DANCEHALL RAM
– Simon Steen-Andersen – Study for String Instrument #1

# Concert 2, 20:00
– Hanna Hartman – THE BOILER ROOM [world premiere]
– Malin Bång – Alpha Waves
– Tine Surel Lange – Byen

# Concert 3, 21:00
– Rei Munakata – Okaeri II
– Kajsa Magnarsson – Meta-Wheel [world premiere]
– Kaj Duncan David – Sound & Vision

Presented by Mimitabu, with support from the City of Gothenburg, the Helge Ax:son Johnson foundation and the Swedish Arts Council.